Sunday, September 27, 2015

Making a blog

So I've never made a blog through Blogger before, so there is a bunch of things I gotta learn. However, in the end this will be my main outlet for updates about the Pan-American trip of 2016.

So many people that takes on this kind of challenge, they name their trip/project. Most famous ones I guess are "Long Way Round" and "Long Way Down" - other less known figures might choose something like "Ride into the sun" or "One world, one journey". So I thought I'd come up with something too to describe my explorations and adventures. So after careful thought and research for available domain names, I came up with:

"Went for a RIDE
Pan-American Edition"

Now the reason why I call it the "Pan-American Edition" is so that I can reuse the name and domain later on if I choose to do a long ride through Asia too. Then it would probably be something like "Far East Edition". You get my drift.

So here I am - still trying to get my head around this blogging thing and how it all works. It does not seem simple at all - especially if you wanna have something a little more special look on your website. But hopefully it'll work out at some point.