My 2014 BMW R1200GSA LC (liquid cooled)
In the spring of 2015, I traded in my old '05 BMW R1150GSA for the new LC model. I found a showroom model at the local dealer (Xpedit, sponsor) that was built in '14, but had never been driven - it had been in the showroom for some 5-7 months (I think).

Let me just say - this thing is AWESOME!

It came equipped with everything the '14 model could offer, except "Quick Shift Pro" and anti-theft alarm. That means it has cruise control, electronic suspension, sat-nav, original aluminum boxes and a whole lot of other cool stuff. On paper, this bike is a modern luxury tourer/adventurer and so far it has NOT disappointed.

So why this bike?

My '05 BMW R1150GSA
My very first motorbike was the '05 R1150GSA mentioned above - when I was looking for my first bike, I tried 3 or 4 different motorbikes. The last one was the R1150GSA and I absolutely fell in love with it. I like the up-right riding position, the height (you can see over the cars easy) and then the sheer look of it just screams "rough & adventure".

Though it was an awesome piece of machinery, after about one season of driving it (and me getting more experience), the bike started to show its limitations - especially as I started reading a lot about the new BMW R1200GSA LC model.

The many reviews and tests I read and saw claimed that the new R1200GSA LC was much better than the previous 2012/13 version - so by that comparison, it had to be lightyears better than the R1150GSA. And boy it is!

I know many people have done what I am gonna do with the line of BMW's and KTM's - so it is maybe getting to be almost a cliché for many "adventurers", but this is my choice. I didn't choose this bike because everybody else does it - that is like saying somebody driving a Harley-Davidson, Ducati or Yamaha can't be unique. They can!

For a trip this long (in terms of distance), I want a comfortable bike with minimum maintenance needed. So the it had to be a +1000cc bike with final shaft drive. This already narrows down the field considerably. This BMW bike has that grand tourer feeling but I can still take it off road - and I have.

How about off-road?

Proud after 7 hours of off-road
Despite what people say you can and can't do it this size bike, the BMW does an excellent job in terrain. It is definitely not the bike setting the limitations - it is me! But I'm working on it.

As part of the preparation for the trip, I have taken this bike off-road a couple if times to try and learn how to ride it outside the normal road. Not that I expect a lot of soft sand, 1 meter deep water puddles or some crazy 50% incline hill on the trip, but it's good to know just in case. Besides, I'll probably be carrying 40 kg of luggage - that will make any bike less off-road worthy.

Also, I'm taking 2 courses in how to ride this bike off-road; one course is a 1-day course here in Denmark, the other is a 2-day course by a BMW partner in Hechlingen in Germany.

What is modified?

So the bike already comes loaded with a lot of stuff (as mentioned above). It is already well equipped for any adventure - however, I still upgraded and added some stuff. Here is the list:

Original BMW accessories

  • Clear headlight protection
  • BMW aluminium panniers and topbox
  • BMW Navigation V

From Touratech

  • Extra big engine protection plate
  • Extended side crashbars
  • Protection for the water coolers
  • Large footprint sidestand extension
  • Sidestand contact protection plate
  • Cardan vent extension

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